evszemokNew eco-friendly production facilities

In 2007, a modern, eco-friendly nitric acid and granulating plant was built, in which the production of granulated CAN started.

Introduction of the Genezis brand

In 2003, the company merged the fertilizer products of the group under Genesis brand. The range is represented by nitrogen fertilizers, complex NPK fertilizers and foliar and water-soluble horticultural irrigation fertilizers.

The foundation of Nitrogénművek

Nitrogénművek Zrt. in Pétfürdő, a member of the Bige Holding Group, is the only Hungarian nitrogen fertiliser producing company today with ammonia and fertiliser production capabilities. It was founded in 1931.

A nitrogénművek ZRT


Nitrogénművek Zrt. considers satisfying the long-term fertiliser needs of Hungarian agriculture as its main task. The defining element in its profile is fertiliser production, and more precisely the production and sale of products with nitrogen as their

  • The secret to Nitrogénművek Zrt.'s success lies in its several decades of experience, extensive business network, excellent team of professionals and products of outstanding quality.
  • Nitrogénművek Zrt., Pétfürdő, - a member of the Bige Holding Group.
  • Currently, Nitrogénművek Zrt. has a share of around 60 per cent of the domestic fertiliser market.

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